若林酒莊 微甜阿斯堤氣泡酒

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-皮埃蒙特 阿斯提產區D.O.C.G.
微甜阿斯堤氣泡酒 NV

Asti D.O.C.G., Piedmont, Italy NV

產區/Region: Asti, Piedmont

品種/Grapes: 100% Moscato Bianco

酒質/Tasting Notes: 葡萄採收自酒莊裡最好的核心區域,並且僅嚴選最好品質的果實釀造,置於不繍鋼桶中發酵,讓果實裡糖分轉化為酒精及天然甜美風味。酒色為明亮的稻金黃,典型的莫斯卡托達(Moscato)品種香氣,溫暖集中,口感甜美均衡,卻不膩,格外清新,充沛果香餘韻猶存。 
The Moscato d'Asti juice coming from some of the best vineyards in the heart of the DOCG is selected, graded and the highest quality is destined to become Asti. The juice is stored in stainless steel pressure vessel where the fermentation will take place. Thetotal grape sugar content in the juice will be partly transformed into alcohol and the balance remaining unfermented (approx. 90 g./L.) will impart to the finished product its natural sweetness. COLOR: Straw-yellow with bright gold reflections accompanied by a full and lively foam and a perlage of great finesse. BOUQUET: The typical aromatic tones of the Moscato grapes are fully manifested in the wine's aroma, which is intense and extraordinarily appealing. FLAVOR: Sweet, balanced and not cloying, unusually fresh, richly fruity, superbly balanced and satisfyingly persistent.

酒精濃度/ Alcohol: 7 %

適飲溫度/ Serving temperature: 5~8℃

建議搭配/ Food matches: 建議搭配甜點,特別是酥皮類點心,蛋糕或小脆餅等,是款聚會歡樂、放鬆享樂的氣泡酒。 
It has always been a popular accompaniment for desserts. It matches perfectly with every type of pastry, from cakes and pies to sweet biscuits and cookies. This Asti makes an excellent beverage for social gathering and other moments of relaxation.




酒廠 winery 發表品酒心得


    對於那些擁有悠久歷史和深厚家庭根源的酒莊來說,生產葡萄酒不僅是工作:也是一種責任。創立於1821年,傳承7代的悠久歷史、擁有32人龐大的釀酒師陣容、11個酒莊葡萄園遍及義大利重要產區、為義大利最大的家族酒莊、排名歐洲第3大規模、是行銷全世界的國際級酒莊。早從六零年代中期若林家族便意識到有必要提供最好的葡萄酒給未來更多的消費者。毫無疑問,Gianni Zonin是家族裡首先預見市場長遠變化的人,29歲從學校畢業開始,便全身投入家族事業進行改革,他的想法是:要獲得優質的葡萄酒,就必須擁有葡萄園,並重視風土的價值。若林酒莊的成功關鍵來自於他們長期承諾投入並深入國內與國際市場,以它為首與各處葡萄園間建立緊密的聯盟合作關係,此外秉持「每個地區都其特殊傳統」的想法,在各處生產釀造最能表現當地特色的優質酒,因此家族這個概念絕對是若林酒莊的核心精神。現在酒莊在義大利擁有超過三千七百○五英畝的傑出葡萄園,是義大利最大的葡萄酒生產者,並持續與合作者和市場互動連結。 
    For those who have a centuries-old history behind them and deep family roots, producing wine is not just work: it is also a duty. The ZONIN family, vintners for seven generations since 1821 with a centuries-old history behind them and deep family roots; Being the largest producer in Italy and the third-largest winery of Europe, there are 32 vintners in ZONIN family and they own and operate 11 vineyard estates in all of Italy’s most important vine-growing regions.It is a commitment Zonin made in the mid-sixties when it was realized that there was a need to provide the best wine imaginable to the largest possible number of consumers.

    Gianni Zonin was without doubt one of the first to sense this profound change in the market. At 29 years of age and after receiving his diploma from the ecological school at Conegliano as well as a law degree, he became the president of the family wine company. He assured the develop the Zonin family’s estates. This project has always been based on a powerful idea: to obtain wines of fine quality, it is necessary to possess vineyards and emphasize the value of the terroir. Zonin has built and consolidated its success on its constant dedication and on its capacity to interpret the requirements of the domestic and international markets. The reason is that this plant has always been the primary nutriment of the body and of the soul. It seals a sort of alliance between man and creation. It is for that reason that the vine, which in appearance is a feeble thing, is the keystone of rural Mediterranean society. And this is based on an imperishable value, the family. That explains why for Zonin the family is the primary benchmark. It animates the company’s operations and determines its style.

    Zonin now possesses more than 3,705 acres of vineyards in the outstanding terroirs of Italy. While it is the largest producer in the Italian wine sector, it has not abandoned its family-based approach in its relations with collaborators or the market. Zonin’s prestige has always been firmly based on the family. That is because it is a stronghold of rural culture and because the estates are a big family dedicated to the production of premium wines. 


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