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吉拉德酒莊 藝術品紅酒
GIRARD Artistry

原價:$ 2400/瓶

GIRARD ArtistryNapa Valley,Caifornia,USA

產區/Region:Napa Valley

59% Cabernet Sauvignon
19% Cabernet Franc
11% Malbc
6% Merlot
5% Petite Verdot

酒質/Tasting Notes:深邃的石榴紅色澤,饒富黑櫻桃、熟成洋李及黑醋栗果香,伴隨細緻的皮革、烤榛果及冬季香料氣息。厚實飽滿的酒體,濃郁的咖啡香及莓果及無核小葡萄乾香氣。扎實的單寧,濃郁熟成的果香並帶有全新橡木桶的木質香氣。Deep garnet red color, memorable black cherry, plum and black currant ripening fruit, accompanied by detailed leather, roasted hazelnuts and winter spice. Thick and full bodied, rich smell of coffee and berries and currant aroma. Solid tannins, rich fruit ripening and with new oak woody aroma.

酒精濃度/ Alcohol:15%

適飲溫度/ Serving temperature:16-22°C

建議搭配/ Food matches: 鹽烤牛排、羊排

得獎紀錄/Score:2008年榮獲Wine Specator:88分


酒廠 winery 發表品酒心得

    GIRARD 吉拉德酒莊
    從正確的位置正確的葡萄,古拉德提供了一個陣容配備兩個電源和技巧 - 在加州葡萄酒的關鍵詞。

    Thirty years after first planting its vineyards, Girard continues to produce wines reflecting the quality that has made Napa Valley the most famous New World wine-growing region in the world. Napa Valley's rise to fame was punctuated by a renaissance that began at the same time Girard was setting down its own roots.
    Old Vine Grapes
    The valley's benchmark year occurred in 1976, when a panel of French judges blind-tasted their own wines against a few upstarts from Napa. Much to everyone's surprise, the California wines won first place in both the white and red wine categories. Despite French howls of protest, the now famous Paris Tasting firmly established California on an equal footing with its Old World counterparts.
    Today, Girard is experiencing a similar rebirth of sorts. Longtime California vintner Pat Roney purchased the winery shortly after the new millennium. Roney's career in wine began as a sommelier at Chicago's renowned Pump Room, where he worked during and after college. Later he returned to his native California and eventually he took up the reins of two wineries: first as president of Chateau St. Jean, and later as president of Kunde, both in Sonoma Valley. Ultimately Roney took his management skills and wine knowledge to the specialty food purveyor Dean & DeLuca, where he helped grow the business from a small presence in New York and Washington to a national enterprise.
    Low-altitude vineyard at Girard Winery
    At Girard, Roney continues the tradition of making Chardonnay and Cabernet-based wines. But he is also expanding Girard's varietal focus to Zinfandel and Petite Sirah grown on century-old vines that dot the Napa countryside.
    As it has been in the past, Girard's goal is to highlight the flavors of Napa Valley and its rich, ripe grapes. A small portion of the winery's portfolio also comes from grapes grown in Sonoma's upscale Russian River Valley, where cool weather offers ideal conditions for Chardonnay.
    With the right grapes from the right locations, Girard offers a lineup that features both power and finesse--key words in California wine.


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