奇幻農莊360 狗年限定版 狗來富卡瓦不甜氣泡酒
LA GRANJA 360 Cava Brut 'Limited Dog Year Edition'

原價:$ 780/瓶Bottle

ES1LN0071 / 8437014589351

-狗年限定版 狗來富經典卡瓦不甜氣泡酒
LA GRANJA 360 Cava Brut 'Limited Dog Year Edition',
D.O. Cava, Carinena, Spain
(70% Xare•lo & 30%Parellada;  11.5%)

產區/Region:Carinena, Spain
品種/Grapes:70Xare•lo & 30%Parellada
酒質/Tasting Notes:淡雅黃色光澤,精緻、持久的泡沫細緻柔和,奔放的白色水果芳香。 Very pale in hue with a greenish tinge, fine, persistent bubbles and good
mousse. In the nose it’s wide, intense and fruity. Aromatic balance on the palate characteristic from the grape varieties and the ageing, highlighting the ripe white fruit notes.

History of brand
La Granja 360 in Spanish means "The farm 360". The duck is rooted in the gastronomic history of the Catalan cava region, just outside Barcelona. Whether the duck had anything to do with the production of Cava we do not know for certain. With that being said, this Cava is crisp with fine bubbles, smooth, and like the duck will make you happy.

The Alella region in the D.O. Cava has a Mediterranean climate, with less than 600mm of rainfall per year and an average annual temperature of 15°C. Nonetheless, each vineyard is influenced by the microclimates of the area, where variables such as altitude, differing slopes, proximity to wooded areas, prevailing winds, etc. can alter the characteristics of the grapes. Parxet have access to 200 hectares of vineyards in the districts of Sta. Maria de Martorelles, Montornès del Vallès, Sant Fost de Campsentelles, Alella and la Roca del Vallès.

Fermentation & Ageing
La Granja 360 Cava is produced in the Alella region, near Barcelona, in a traditional Cava producing area and has a great value and is easy to enjoy. Our grapes are pressed and fermented at controlled temperature of 16ºC, resulting in excellent base wines which are subsequently blended as required. Minimum ageing of 12 months.
酒精濃度/ Alcohol: 11.5%
適飲溫度/ Serving temperature:6~8 ℃
建議搭配/ Food matches:適合作為開胃酒或搭配烤魚或帶有果味的甜點。*Vegan-friendly素食者可飲用。 A great match with appetizers, smoked fish or sweet and fruity desserts.

得獎紀錄/ Scores: 
2013Effervescents du Monde 國際氣泡酒競賽前十名之一                            

2013 Effervescents du Monde GOLD MEDAL                                                             
One of the Top 10 Sparkling wines of the world                               
2014 International Wine Challenge  - Bronze                                             



酒廠 winery 發表品酒心得

    奇幻農莊360 LA GRANJA360

    1999年成立的Axial Vinos是一間西班牙葡萄酒公司, 專門從事西班牙葡萄酒的出口生意, 旗下的葡萄酒皆來自西班牙境內最重要且全球知名的葡萄酒產地.  而其中 La Granja 360是Axial Vinos旗下的一個創新品牌, 要為你及葡萄酒世界帶來歡樂!

    La Granja 是西班牙文的"農莊"的意思, 是Axial Vino要把歡樂帶給大家的酒! 所以他們認為所有的酒不該一成不變, 更不該乏味無趣. 所以La Granja 360是多變的、要給不一樣的你、要釀來滿足這個世代有著不同需求的你!  現今這個時代, 許多人都不希望花費過多, 卻也不希望因此犧牲掉該有的品質. La Granja 360正是一系列相當成功的葡萄酒, 展現物超所值/獨特迷人的風格與品質. 
    不要懷疑, 它絕對讓你驚喜, 超乎你想像之外!  

    La Granja 360 是西班牙文的"農莊360", 數字360, 代表著環繞一間傳統農莊的360度, 它成為這個品牌的新概念, 不一樣的酒給不一樣的人, 透過風味迷人的葡萄酒, 帶給大家歡樂!整系列的酒款, 傑出搶眼的酒標設計, 相當容易讓人辨識. 不同的抽象動物, 如小豬, 色彩奪目的斑馬, 彰顯出這品牌與眾不同的烙印及品質.   從你買下他們的那一刻, La Granja 360的酒就帶給你歡樂. 事實上, 這些讓人每天都開心的酒, 擁有優異的品質與價格, 物超所值的他們, 傳遞出一簡單訊息 - La Granja 360是你每日餐桌上不容錯過的好酒.   

    La Granja 360的酒大多來自西班牙Carinena法定葡萄酒產區. 這地區位處伊比利亞山脈, 氣候乾燥, 結合當地名為el Cierzo的風以及貧瘠多石的土壤, 很適合釀造紅酒, 主要的紅酒有Garnacha, Tempranillo, Carinena品種.

    BODEGAS AXIAL: Located in the village of Almonacid de la Sierra. Axial Vinos winery goal’s to produce 2.000.000 bottles every year of red, rosé and white wines elaborated with tempranillo, garnacha, syrah and macabeo grapes.

    It is a winery that aims to be “a reflect of the full enjoyment of life” projecting an image of quality, innovative and delightful wines oriented to the new consumer generations that look for new experiences.

    La Granja 360 is more than a simple wine range is a magic place in the South where the sun never sets, where it’s always summer and exquisite aromas of ever-found fruits and flowers fill the shiny rooms of this magic farm.

    DOP CARIÑENA: Cariñena is located in the heart of the Ebro Valley an altitude between 400 and 800 meters high. It continental climate – cold winters and hot summers with radical day- and-night temperature contrast, together with a strong dry wind called “el Cierzo” contributes to the dryness that keeps the vines free of many pests.

    It is one of the oldest wine making regions of Spain. The roman villa of caræ (today’s Cariñena) – it is known that the inhabitants of Caræ drank wine mixed with honey from before the 3 rd century b.c. Moreover, it is one of the preferred wine regions in the Spanish court. From 1415 on, Cariñena wines are on the list of Spanish court’s preferred beverages.

    Vineyards: Based on old vines of autochthonous grape varieties as the ancient Garnacha (born in Aragón). Vineyards enjoy a privileged location in the heart of the Ebro Valley and are found at an average altitude of 600 meters high.

    Elaboration & style: VEGAN wines elaborated with traditional criteria using autochthonous grape varieties.



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