芳塔娜酒廠 芳塔系列 特級紅酒
FONTANA Fontal Crianza

原價:$ 650/瓶

西班牙-芳塔娜酒廠-拉曼恰產區-芳塔系列 特級紅酒
FONTANA Fontal Crianza,La Mancha, Spain

產區/Region: La Mancha

品種/Grapes: 85% Tempranillo,15% Cabernet Sauvignon

酒質/Tasting Notes: 標示Crianza表示該款於酒莊橡木桶已儲存兩年才上市的酒款。該款85%由Tempranillo(田帕尼優)及15% Cabernet Sauvignon (卡本內蘇維濃)所調和,均來自

Fuente de Pedro Naharro 及 Finca Monte Carbonero兩處。其種植環境為深層新鮮土壤及短暫炎熱夏日,因此擁有較長的熟成期。同時因低產量,使其保有優異的集中度與完美的熟成美味。以手工採收,置於不銹鋼桶及儲存槽中浸泡發酵約25天,並且於放入美國橡木桶前已歷經1年乳酸發酵過程,再移入桶中陳年1年,才有這款帶深邃的寶石紅及紫紅色澤,馥郁的果香中亦有微微的烤吐司及香草氣息,口感圓滑細緻,單寧柔順甘甜,尾韻悠長。

Fontal Crianza is made with 85% Tempranillo and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. From our own vineyards surrounding Fuente de Pedro Naharro and Finca Monte Carbonero. With deep and fresh soils and a harsh climate of short summers and long ripening periods. This zone is charaterized by low yields and normal rainfall with a long ripening season. The grapes were very healthy with great concentration and optimum ripeness. The grapes were hand picked and field sorted. Fermented in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature and macerated during 25 days. The wine underwent malolactic fermentation prior to be aged in american oak barrels for twelve months. Stored during 1 year in our temperature controlled cellar until released.

Deep and dense red colour with violaceous hints. Clean and bright. Intense and pleasant aromas of ripe fruits with subtle toasted and vanila hints. In mouth it is round and wide. Gliceric, soft with sweet and tasty tannins. Fruity and spicy long finish.

酒精濃度/ Alcohol: 13.5%

適飲溫度/ Serving temperature: 14℃~16℃

建議搭配/ Food matches: 適合搭配燉煮、野味或紅色肉類佳餚。Stewed food, game, or red meat.




酒廠 winery 發表品酒心得

    芳塔娜酒廠 Bodegas Fontana 

    芳塔娜在當地是擁有三十多年經驗與傳統的家庭式起家的酒廠(Bodega /boh-day'-gah/是西班牙用語的酒廠之意),為Cantarero Morales家族所擁有經營,以釀造優質好酒著名,共500公頃的農地;他們除了對既有品質的極力維護外,同時以堅實的專業背景堅固開發新品項的創意,以滿足愛好者與消費者的需求。


    Bodegas Fontana is an authentic family bodega with over thirty year’s experience and tradition within the winemaking sector. The Cantarero Morales family has established their wines alongside the most prestigious wines in the country, a fact which produced a pleasant and unexpected surprise to many in the sector. The 500 hectares of their own vineyards have the ongoing support and future security of a bodega designed for the production of red wines of the highest quality. In short, this innovative new bodega has been built on a solid foundation of knowledge, which forms the basis of an alternative approach to the production and promotion of wine and all this entails; creativity that present day consumers and lovers of wine demand.

    With thirty years of experience, the family initiated the modernization of the vineyard in 1997, going on to complete the construction of the bodega and putting the finishing touches to what would become the production estates. The initiative sprang up thanks to the excellent conditions offered by the area for the cultivation of vines, and thanks to an opportune moment presented by the quality-wine markets. Bodegas Fontana has recently started a new Project consisting of the zoning – in units of micro terroirs – of its vineyards belonging to the Monte Carbonero Estate. The prime objective of this project is to be able to restructure the harvesting zones. This relates to planned harvests according to the different qualities of grape and also determines the precise form of specific areas dedicated to either young wines, crianzas or top-shelf wines. In addition, the bodega is hoping to adopt optimum viticultural procedures that will be adapted to each micro-terroir and to each required type. Originality, constant updates and the enterprising spirit of this company are characteristics that are not limited to the bodega; the Cantarero family has been one of the major contributors in bringing about changes in the area. They have undertaken important work in order to achieve the recognition of new zones with the “Designation of Origin” status, such as Uclés. This young bodega is characterized by its investment in the future through enological innovation and through the unwavering quality of its wines, obtained from its vineyards, which stretch over a 500 hectare area in the provinces of Cuenca and Toledo.




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