-瓦科比古堡 傳統系列白酒

原價:$ 750/瓶


AC-Costieres de Nimes, Rhone Valley, France

產區/Region:AP-Costieres de Nimes,Rhone Vally, France

品種/Grapes:70% Roussanne ; 30% Grenache Blanc ; 採用平均樹齡10年的葡萄調配

酒質/Tasting Notes:淡淡的金黄色澤,清新甘甜的檸檬香氣,口感豐腴、均衡,饒富柑橘及洋梨芳香,伴隨著葡萄柚氣息。清爽的尾韻,優雅細緻。典型的瓦科比佳釀。
Pale golden color, fresh and sweet lemon aroma, taste plump, balanced and memorable citrus and pear aromas, along with grapefruit flavor. Rhyme refreshing, elegant and delicate. Typical CHATEAU DE VALCOMBE wine

酒精濃度/ Alcohol:13.5%

適飲溫度/ Serving temperature:8-12°C

建議搭配/ Food matches:



酒廠 winery 發表品酒心得

    瓦科比(Valcombe)古堡由目前經營者 Dominique Ricome之父系家族Surville於1740年所購得,當時為傳統的普羅旺斯農舍,作為狩獵集合點。1760年開始建造農場及馬廄,第一階段於1784年完成,日期被刻印在酒莊入口的石碑上。第一株葡萄藤也在這個時期被栽種在這塊土地上並開始葡萄園豐富的歷史。法國大革命(1791年)文獻上記載著:革命的第三年,政府對 Surville先生遞送其“偉大的葡萄酒”給”前線的戰士們“表達感謝之意。
    1945年第二次世界大戰期間,Louis de Surville被德軍當人質處決後,由其姪子Charles Ricombe繼承此古堡。Charles Ricombe自此經營酒莊,致力生產高品質葡萄酒,決定重整葡萄園,並不顧本區其他栽種者的反對,開始種植希哈(Syrah)葡萄,最後也成為此區第一位生產以希哈葡萄為主的釀酒師。
    1975年 Dominique Ricome 接續父親的工作,並大規模種植希哈(Syrah)葡萄,這個選擇,決定了瓦科比酒莊的葡萄酒結構、香氣以及細緻度,也是此產區(Costières de Nîmes)惟一栽種希哈葡萄超過60%種植面積的酒莊。
    格納希(Grenache)葡萄栽種面積約為30% ,其它10%,紅葡萄以卡利濃 ( Carignan)、仙梭(Cinsault)以及慕維得爾(Mourvèdre)為主,白葡萄則以白格那希(Grenache Blanc)以及胡姍 (Roussanne)為主。.
    由南至北平均坡度為3-5%,水份雖較難輸送至極北較高的作物,但這種自然現象反而讓根部為獲得水源穿越層層厚土向深層發展 (至於10/12公尺深),這種自然且局限性的供水模式,是決定優質葡萄生長的必要條件;另外,充足的日照及可讓葡萄藤在炎熱氣候中降溫的地中海微風,都是影響葡萄酒品質的重要因素。

    Chateau de Valcombe has been purchased from the current operator Dominique Ricome his paternal family – Surville in 1740, when it was a traditional Provencal farmhouse, as a hunting rendezvous. 1760 began construction of farms and stables, the first phase was completed in 1784, the date was engraved in stone on the winery entrance. The first strains of the vines were planted in this period and the beginning of vineyard land and rich history. The French Revolution (1791) recorded in the literature: the third year of the revolution, the government expressed its gratitude to Mr. Surville who delivered their "great wine" to front-line soldiers.

    The winery has been built from 1820 to 1863, while the production of wine. And in 1855 won the first World's Fair awards, won again in 1873 Vienna Fair award. Since then, the wine became the winery's main products, such as sales and open to where the Lyon and Paris markets.

    In 1945 During World War II, Louis de Surville was executed as hostage by the Germans, his niece - Charles Ricombe inherited this castle. Charles Ricombe run winery dedicated to producing high quality wines, vineyard restructuring decisions, and in spite of the area against other growers began planting Syrah grapes, this area eventually became the first production of the Greek Ha grape-based winemaker.

    In 1975 Dominique Ricome continued his father's work, and large-scale cultivation of Syrah grapes, this choice has decided Valcombe’s wine structure, aroma and degree of detail, but also the areas (Costières de Nîmes) planted only Syrah grape acreage more than 60% of the winery.

    Grenache grapes planting area of about 30%, the other 10%, red grapes as Carignan, Cinsault and Mourvèdre,  white grape as Grenache Blanc and Roussanne based. 

    73 hectares of vineyards around the winery complete distribution buildings, thus different soils and geographic area, making it a special Valcombe wine style.

    Very deep soils, sediments from Rhône and Durance brought alluvial layers thick and pebbles, this soil can provide regular and moderate moisture vines.

    From south to north gradient of 3-5% on average, although the water is difficult to convey extremely high northern crop, but this is a natural phenomenon but let the roots get water through the thick layers of soil to the deep development (10/12 As public feet deep), and the limitations of this natural water patterns, the decision is a necessary condition for the growth of high quality grapes; In addition, plenty of sunshine and allow to cool in hot climates vines Mediterranean breeze, is an important factor affecting the quality of the wine .


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