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HAHN FAMILY Winery Pinot Noir

原價:$ 900/瓶



HAHN FAMILY Winery Pinot Noir ,
Monterey County, California, USA

產區/Region:Monterey County, California, USA

品種/Grapes:100% Pint Noir

酒質/Tasting Notes:深受海洋氣候的影響,蒙特雷產區白晝陽光充沛,夜晚涼爽多霧;比起其他溫暖產區,葡萄的成長期可多達二個月,非常適合栽種世界級黑皮諾葡萄。目前黑皮諾己成為產區種植最為廣泛的紅葡萄品種,面積超過 6,000英畝。而較長的成長期也提供葡萄獨特的結構、深度及飽和度,果實也易於達成圓潤熟成。紅寶石明亮的色澤,充份呈現蒙特雷產區黑皮諾的本質。獨特的黑櫻桃、可樂及香甜橡樹芳香,饒富熟成莓果、香草及香料氣息;口感圓滑柔順酸度明亮均衡,絲綢般的丹寧,綿長細緻的尾韻。

The Hahn 2010 Pinot showcases all that is exceptional about Monterey County Pinot Noir.Fresh raspberry and black cherry scents are intense and concentrated followed in the mid-palate by decadent berry compote flavors with fragrant cardamom and clove undertones.
This is a rich and vibrant wine whose purity of Pinot Noir flavors are given dimension by a light touch of toasty oak, supported by earthy tannins and classic cool-climate acidity. This versatile wine stands alone well, but would be a perfect partner to a variety of fish, poultry or pasta dishes. Try it with risotto with shellfish, wild mushrooms and pancetta, roast five-spice duck with mango chutney or a traditional pairing of grilled salmon with Pinot Noir pan sauce and garlic mashed potatoes.

酒精濃度/ Alcohol:14.5%

適飲溫度/ Serving temperature:14-18°

建議搭配/ Food matches:野菇及青蔥調配的義式燉飯,洋李搭配的鴨肉或烤羊排 



酒廠 winery 發表品酒心得


    漢恩家族是個專注於加州及紐西蘭酒莊品牌的專業行銷業務公司, 漢恩家族莊園位於蒙特婁的聖塔露莎高原,葡萄園獲得永續發展認證,且為當地首個獲得綠色環保認證的酒廠。 漢恩家族釀製眾多系列葡萄酒,包括最高等級的露希安系列、漢恩SLH莊園系列,包括聖塔露莎高原到最出色的漢恩酒廠、史密斯霍克酒廠以及Bin36品牌,包含最基本的中央海岸產區、蒙特婁郡產區系列,至漢廷頓酒廠部分的索諾瑪產區的卡耐羅及亞力山大山谷。

    單車女神是爲慶祝19世紀末自行車發明後的那段瀰漫自由及歡愉的時光的象徵。被稱為美好的年代 – Belle Epoque。此時發展出許多顯著的發明及生活上的改良物品,腳踏車即為當時最新潮的產物。那幅曾在當時被展示的著名藝術品 - 由
    好時代 The Belle Epoque
    • 西元1871 – 1914 , 第一次大戰前 代表歐洲最美好的一段歷史, 稱為好時代 – Belle Epoque
    • 這段時期, 歐洲瀰漫著自由及歡愉的氛圍, 同時喚醒所有社會階層.
    • 藝術及詩歌由傳統轉為現代. 在巴黎,這種藝術風格特別浮現在知名的宣傳海報上.

    • 在好時代(Belle Epoque)期間, 脚踏車的發明對全球造成革命性的衝擊
    • 被視為首次有”民主”涵意,  讓人在馬與馬車的運輸中, 獲得釋放
    • 脚踏車的黃金時期在1800年代晚期達到顛峰, Cycles Gladiator - 單車女神海報也就是在這段期間創作出來的
    Hahn Family Wines is a professional, full-service sales and marketing company specializing in estate winery brands from California and New Zealand.  The Hahn Family Wines estate is located in Monterey County's Santa Lucia Highlands, one of California's premier and most highly sought after wine appellations. Our vineyards have been certified sustainable, and the winery is the first green certified winery in the region. Hahn Family Wines produces a broad portfolio of wines including the Ultra-Premium Lucienne and Hahn SLH Estate Wines from the Santa Lucia Highlands to the distinctive Hahn Winery, Smith & Hook Winery and Bin36 brands primarily from the Central Coast and Monterey County appellations to Huntington Wine Cellars from Sonoma appellations such as Carneros and Alexander Valley, to Copa del Rey from Chile to the Cycles Gladiator Wines which bear Central Coast and California appellations.

    Cycles Gladiator symbolizes a celebration of the freedom and happiness that pervaded Europe in the late 19th century – during an era known as the Belle Epoque. This era marked many notable inventions and improvements to daily life, not the least of which was the modern bicycle, or "Le Bicycle Velocipede."

    Started in Paris in 1891 by Alexandre Darracq (an eccentric who would later become famous for manufacturing automobiles), Gladiator was one of the dozens of bicycle companies that made their way into the market when the cycling craze boomed. The golden age of cycling reached its pinnacle in 1895 – and that same year printer G. Massias unveiled one of the great Parisian art posters showcasing the stylish Gladiator bicycle. Only four of these original posters are said to be in existence today.

    The famed artwork that once showcased the stylish Cycles Gladiator now graces the bottles of our classic wines from California’s Central Coast. The mythological image of the nymph riding her winged bicycle captures the grace and uninhibited beauty of our hillside vineyards.


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